Greater Twin Cities Leads Session Exploring Mergers

April 26, 2012 in Collective Impact, Events by United Front

Public sector funding is shrinking and more cuts are anticipated even as demand for services is near an all-time high. Greater Twin Cities United Way believes this is a recipe for an unsustainable system of health and human services in Minnesota – and quite likely the nation.

When the economy was strong, the nonprofit sector experienced unprecedented growth. Now, in the midst of a long term economic downturn and prolonged recovery, the nonprofit sector will contract.

United Way’s role is to provide leadership in strengthening the nonprofit sector through mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, and similar proactive steps. We have a long-term commitment to a strong and viable nonprofit sector – helping the sector reorganize, and even reduce in size, is the best strategy to help the sector remain strong and vital.

Download Mergers as a Means of Creating Sustainable Change: United Way’s Role (PDF)

Presenters: Frank Forsberg, SVP, Greater Twin Cities United Way and
Judy Alnes, Executive Director, MAP for Nonprofits