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May 21, 2012 in Conversation, Education, Jobs & Training, Poverty, Uncategorized by United Front

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Do we have a skills gap or jobless recovery problem? Here’s what a conversation participant had to say:

“Really great and interesting points. From an education perspective, 40 percent of Minnesota high school seniors who continue on to a college or university (including two- and four-year programs) require remedial math and/or reading. Also, Minnesota’s overall achievement gap is second-worst in the United States. I think for many students and the emerging workforce, we do face a skills gap in Minnesota. However, I completely appreciate that the jobs aren’t there as well, and disheartened to read Liz’s post about job wages. In many ways, from income levels to access to education, Minnesota is becoming increasingly polarized.”

Nicholas Banovetz, Public Affairs Manager, MinnCan