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Our Purpose: Education & Jobs

June 13, 2014 in Blog Post, Education, United Front Blog Archives

Education and job training are essential for people to reach their full potential, leading to a living wage and a stronger economy. From cradle to career, we work to ensure that all people meet academic and developmental milestones that lead to success in college, career and life. Learn More


September 5, 2013 in Education, Poverty, Volunteering

American Student Learns Valuable Lessons

by MaryBeth Zins

As the summer draws to a close and I prepare to return to finish my last year of undergraduate studies at University of Wisconsin – Madison, I reflect on a great opportunity that I had this summer as part of a three-week volunteer trip to India. I know not all young people and children around the world are returning to the same circumstances as me – not all schools are created equal, but witnessing first-hand the vast inequalities around the world is eye-opening and enlightening.

Sector 3, Faridabad, IndiaDuring my visit I very quickly learned the first rule of India: there is always more. There is always more room, more time, more people, more food, more prayer. But sadly, for Indian school children, there may not be more school supplies, more seats in the classroom, or more teachers to teach them. Three other female volunteers and I were placed to teach English in Little Angels Public School in Faridabad, 25km south of New Delhi. The 15-minute walk to school from our home stay was an adventure in itself as we sidestepped cows, bicycles, burning piles of trash, stray dogs, and bathing men and children. READ MORE

LearnTogetherMN Quarterly Update

July 30, 2013 in Education

Child-Parent Center

Grade schoolers looking at a globeThe nearly 300 children in CPC programs in MN had their last day of school in early June, and are on their way to enjoying summer vacation. The CPC Expansion project has had several achievements and challenges this year. One challenge has been building the CPC culture in schools new to the model. READ MORE


Early Learning Challenge

Two kindergarteners getting help with writingIn May, Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius announced the appointment of Melvin Carter III as the new Director of the Office of Early Learning. As director, Carter will oversee a coordinated effort with the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, including overseeing the Race to the Top – Early learning Challenge Grant and resulting state plan. READ MORE


Northside Achievement Zone

Grade schooler writing at a desk with other kidsToday, about one quarter of children living in our Zone start kindergarten ready to learn—marking the beginning of the achievement gap. In 2012, we hired a NAZ Early Childhood Navigator who specializes in ensuring families get the right resources for their children. NAZ has already used Scholarships funded through the Early Learning Challenge grant to support young children in the Zone in attending three-and four-star Parent Aware rated early childhood centers. READ MORE

LearnTogetherMN Launches!

June 6, 2013 in Education

LTMN Email BannerOn the same day that Governor Dayton signed the E-12 education bill into law, Greater Twin Cities United Way, in partnership with The McKnight Foundation, is excited to announce the launch of

The new site, hosted here on United Front, will allow Minnesota’s education community to track progress on local initiatives that receive federal funding, as well as access information and resources. By sharing our grants partners’ work, our hope is that lessons learned and resources created will be put to use by other programs throughout our community, for the immediate benefit of children and families.

The U.S. Department of Education has invested $90 million dollars to support these grants:

This investment, along with the state’s new allocation of $20 million in the E-12 bill for the statewide expansion of Early Learning Scholarships, will ensure that children in our community have the opportunity for a brighter future.

If you’d like to get quarterly grant progress updates from LearnTogetherMN, sign up here.

College: Is it worth it?

May 17, 2013 in Conversation, Education, Poverty

According to data collected on the cost of Minnesota education, the average student loan debt is $29,793 – the third highest average debt in the country, especially when 58% of the open jobs in Minnesota don’t require any education beyond high school. So, what do you think?

Is college really worth the expense?
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Talking About Barriers to Employment, a conversation exploring the various employment obstacles facing Minnesota’s would-be job seekers.

Talking About Poverty and Education

January 23, 2013 in Conversation, Education, Events, Poverty

Join us for an online conversation focused on children in poverty and the importance of education.

Nearly 200,000 children ages 0 to 17 are living in poverty in Minnesota, a 60 percent increase since 2000. Not only are the numbers of children in poverty growing, the depth of poverty is growing as well. In that same time period, the number of children living in extreme poverty ($11,525 for a family of four) increased by more than 100 percent (Children’s Defense Fund—Minnesota, 2012). Education and poverty form a close and complex interrelationship for children in our community.

Building on United Way’s Faces of Poverty 2012 report, the new briefing illustrates how education can improve children’s lives, and also outlines the work United Way is leading to help children in our community succeed. DOWNLOAD BRIEF


2013 Education Forum

January 10, 2013 in Education, Event

Thank You for Attending!

Your presence at our forum is a testimony to your continued dedication and belief that all children are deserving of a world-class education and a future filled with promise and opportunity. We look forward to seeing you at future forums. Materials will be available on the Multimedia page soon.

Pass the Grade on Giving Tuesday

November 26, 2012 in Education

Reposted from WCCO-TV

Nov. 27, is “Giving Tuesday.” Many charities, families and businesses are coming together to give back. The United Way is bringing attention to poverty and how to succeed in school through an online game. Kathy Hollenhorst, with the Greater Twin Cities United Way, stopped by the WCCO Morning Show to tell us how the game works. WATCH VIDEO




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Heard on United Front

May 21, 2012 in Conversation, Education, Jobs & Training, Poverty, Uncategorized

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Do we have a skills gap or jobless recovery problem? Here’s what a conversation participant had to say:

“Really great and interesting points. From an education perspective, 40 percent of Minnesota high school seniors who continue on to a college or university (including two- and four-year programs) require remedial math and/or reading. Also, Minnesota’s overall achievement gap is second-worst in the United States. I think for many students and the emerging workforce, we do face a skills gap in Minnesota. However, I completely appreciate that the jobs aren’t there as well, and disheartened to read Liz’s post about job wages. In many ways, from income levels to access to education, Minnesota is becoming increasingly polarized.”

Nicholas Banovetz, Public Affairs Manager, MinnCan

New Community Launched

March 22, 2012 in Education, Home Visiting, Uncategorized

Welcome to United Front, Home Visiting Community!

One of the smartest investments and proven ways to support children, parents, and a growing economy is home visiting.

A network of home visiting programs that have what it takes to support and transform the lives of at-risk expectant and new parents and their babies and toddlers, the Coalition is a statewide organization that seeks to be a network of high quality, home visiting programs and services that promote learning and success for children in our community. Learn more about Who We Are