Talking About Poverty


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Join United Front for a series of conversations helping to expand our understanding about the human toll poverty takes on the people living in it. United Front, United Way’s online interactive hub, is dedicated to meaningful conversations that deepen thinking about solutions to complex problems like these in our community.

A first for United Way, we’ve spent a great deal of time building a supportive interactive space where people in our community can connect with each other and talk freely.  Through various partnerships, United Way is leveraging its community networks to bring together different voices to enrich our understanding of the problem—community leaders, corporate executives, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, educators, students, government officials, parents, clergy and others. We’re interested in hearing what you have to say to help us all learn and grow as a community.

Based on the release of the Faces of Poverty Report and four research briefs published by United Way, we’ll talk about a range of issues in the areas of: