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Greater Twin Cities United Way, together with the Wilder Foundation and the Metropolitan Caregiver Service Collaborative, have joined together to launch a new online community here on United Front called CaregivingNOW, A Network on the Web for Minnesota Caregivers. More and more, caregivers are turning to technology and finding just the support they need while sharing their own knowledge and caregiving journey with other caregivers.

In the coming months we’ll introduce caregivers from the group and share their stories. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this online community, register on United Front. If you would like more information about CaregivingNOW, email

Meet Our Caregivers

Mary Margaret Lehmann, Spouse Caregiver
“Alzheimer’s was not part of the future my husband, Ken, and I visualized, as we looked forward to our anticipated retirement, in CA. Ken had had a long career in the furniture industry, as an interior designer and executive of a large furniture company. In addition, he was a college professor of interior design and history of furniture. I was very busy as a mother, as well as speech pathologist for 30 years. I went back to school at age 59 to get another degree at U.C. Davis, to become a Literacy Coach and ultimately an adjunct professor at UCLA. During this very busy time, I had noticed some changes in Ken’s personality, behaviors and memory, here and there, over a period of several years, which I questioned. Our doctor said he felt they were signs of normal aging. As time went on, however, Ken was withdrawing more and more from our friends and social situations. Then, one day, in October 2009, Ken told me that he could not remember how to access our bank account online. This was alarming. This was something he had done every day, for years. I asked him if he thought he would consider seeing his new doctor, since his former doctor had retired. He agreed, immediately.”

Rachael Sarto, Adult Child Caregiver
“I’m a caregiver for my mother who has Parkinson’s disease. It has been painful to watch her lose abilities over time, and also a unique gift to be able to spend this time together and to see her find ways to live fully and be herself, even with the ongoing changes and challenges of a degenerative illness. I am not a 24/7 caregiver for her, but I am her primary support outside the assisted living setting where she lives, visiting regularly and assisting with groceries, laundry, appointments, communication with medical providers… I’m also a social worker, and often have opportunities to provide support to other caregivers. I am interested in being part of this project to learn from other people in various caregiving roles for family and loved ones, whether 24/7 at home, in roles like mine, long distance caregiving roles, etc… and explore together how we can be loving and supportive caregivers, while staying well ourselves. I’m also interested in possible shared advocacy priorities that may emerge.”