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Posted on September 4, 2013 by Amanda Simmer

Safe Shelter: 15,447 and 2

Julie Hessler, United Way – Live United Blog

Alleyway behind United Way's building in MplsEarlier this summer, a man began sleeping in the alleyway behind our building. A month later, a woman joined him there, setting up a cardboard mat on the concrete a few yards away.

When I come to work early in the morning, both people are there, asleep and wrapped tightly in sleeping bags with their belongings (a shopping cart, a small suitcase with wheels) tucked neatly beside them. During the day, they cover their spaces (the words beds and homes seem terribly imprecise) with blankets and go somewhere else in the city. READ MORE


Posted on July 30, 2013 by Amanda Simmer

Student Video Documents ‘Invisible’ Homeless in Minneapolis

Reposted from MinnPost by Cynthia Boyd

The homeless — we see them in all the so-called obvious places: at freeway exits holding hand-lettered signs, on shady public-park benches and standing in lines outside social service facilities waiting for food or shelter.

But there’s another side to homelessness revealed in a new 16-minute documentary, the “invisible” homeless, those people walking unidentified through our lives. We hear from four of them in “No Place to Call Home,” the video story of four homeless students — two white, two black; two men, two women — at Minneapolis Community and Technical College where 10 percent of the student body is homeless. We learn of their plight and admire their dogged determination to get an education and get out of poverty. READ MORE