Core Competencies for Home Visitors

The Home Visiting Core Competencies were drafted by the Practice Matters Workgroup, a subcommittee of the Minnesota Coalition for Targeted Home Visiting.

The purpose of the Core Competencies is to identify the theoretical underpinnings and demonstrated abilities of effective home visiting practice. The Core Competencies are not intended to be an exhaustive inventory of all underpinnings and abilities but rather an attempt to identify the essential foundation to assuring effective home visiting services.

The intended use of the Core Competencies include:
1. Program design and implementation
2. Job development tool
3. Self-assessment tool for home visitors and identification of training needs
The expectation is that individual programs will use the Core Competencies and add to them based on the needs of their program model and design.

The Core Competencies were designed using a framework for professional development recently developed by the Minnesota Department of Health. The Family Home Visiting Professional Development Framework document lays out this framework. In later sections, the “colors” (GOLD, PURPLE, GREEN) referred to reference this framework document. These core competencies will help drive our work in developing trainings for home visitors which will be funded by United Way in the next year.

Family Home Visiting Professional Development Framework

Developing Strong Home Visiting Programs: Leadership and Supervision (BLUE)

Building and Strengthening Relationships with Families, Planning and Conducting Effective Home Visits (GOLD)

Strengthening Parent / Child Relationships, Positive Parenting, Early Learning and School Readiness (PURPLE)

Promoting Healthy Family Functioning, Self-Sufficiency, Family Health and Safety (GREEN)


Additional Practice Resources

Engaging Fathers in Home Visiting Fathers, like mothers, want their children to grow to be strong, healthy and competent. Home visitors are in a unique position to support a father’s involvement and therefore shape the development of this new family. The Minnesota Family Home Visiting Newsletter discusses the topic of fathers and provides strategies and tips.